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Social Proxies, Ethics in the Experiential Age & Harnessing its Emergent Properties

FIVARS VR Festival Toronto

There are many ideas about how virtual reality will find its market, but often, truly disruptive tech finds its full expression through unexpected, emergent discoveries, mods and hacks.

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Virtual Reality, Drones Make Big Impression at NAB 2015

“What made VR ring true for me, is that it is such a unique new medium that it simply can’t be shoved back into the bottle.”

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Acclaimed Filmmakers To Speak on Mythological Storytelling in Film at NAB Show 2014


Producers of “Zodiac,” “Shutter Island,” and “Black Swan” Will Take Audiences Behind the Scenes of the latest Innovations in Film Creation at NABShow 2013

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Adobe’s Bold Move and 3 Common Misconceptions About Creative Cloud

Adobe is all over the tech, design and filmmaking blogosphere after making the bold announcement at its MAX conference in Los Angeles that they will no longer produce packaged software but instead commit all resources exclusively to their “monthly” (actually annual contracts like your phone carrier) paid subscription model.

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