Best of 2010 in Independent Music, Video Games

Here are some best of lists from 2010 from several of the sites run by Constant Change Media Group – thanks to all the writers, editors and researchers for their excellent work.


This, was difficult. Selecting ten games from the plethora of independent comers in a watershed year for the indie gaming community was made even more difficult because of our desire to showcase those creative and adventurous minds that are helping to break molds and old patterns and often we have to separate the developer from the game and base our decision on the game itself – its playability, narrative, ease of use, originality, execution and not the potential of its creators.

Top 20 Best Xbox 360 Live Indie Games of 2010

It was an interesting year for the XBOX Live Indie (formerly known as community and XNA respectively) game platform: first Microsoft made the grave mistake of hiding the XBOX Indies inside some esoteric marketplace tab away from the central gaming area. Then the came the backlash. Then the indie devs organized and stormed the gates with the Indie Games Winter Uprising which stated as it’s MO that it would fight against crappy massage apps clones and mediocrity. All told, the foibles and shenanigans galvanized the commitment and momentum of the little guys who deserve better.

So we send out proper respects to all the independent game developers out there who are making it happen – and we believe you are a force to be reckoned with – heck that’s why this site exists! It’s a little home for you. It’s a lighthouse, attempting to illuminate the dark quarters of the valley. Which makes choosing 20 of the best even harder.

Yep, we are certain not all of you will agree with all of our choices, and even more certain that we missed some games that merited placement in this list. But we do our best and hope this helps lead more eyeballs your way. Microdevs, we salute you!

The 50 Best Albums of 2010 –’s Favorite Spins

Alright 2010, thank you for helping ease out all the hand-clapping and xylophones. This year it was time to get down and dirty.

Special thanks to Truffle Jones, Tragic Josh and Daniel Waters for their invaluable input in compiling this list and covering the huge selection of excellent options for another very eclectic year in excellent recorded music.

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