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Are VR’s Killer Apps Hidden in Plain Sight?

While we are looking for VR’s killer app, the answer may be in front of us if we learn how to look.

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How 2018 Will Usher in Next Level VR and AR

Ready Player One promo poster

Why 2018 will be a big year for VR and AR.

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4K UHD Is Here To Stay

For those of you who have bought, or received as as gift, a 4K UHD TV congrats! You are not invested in a faddish piece of home entertainment consumer electronics in which the premium feature of your new display, like

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Roomscale For Everyone

Now that advanced virtual reality technology has reached the suburban basements, it is time for content creators to truly step up their game.

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Social Proxies, Ethics in the Experiential Age & Harnessing its Emergent Properties

FIVARS VR Festival Toronto

There are many ideas about how virtual reality will find its market, but often, truly disruptive tech finds its full expression through unexpected, emergent discoveries, mods and hacks.

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