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SEO and Online Marketing Consulting Services

In order to compete in today’s marketplace, companies must go beyond traditional (and ailing) advertising methods. They must become a part of the lifestyle for their target clients and this means transforming into a legitimate resource for information.

The following is a sample development timeline for building your online marketing campaign and for reaching the audience you want. Of course every project requires its own attention and methodology.

Planning: Orientation/Consultation

We want to understand the core of your endeavor. Whom do you want to connect with? What tone do you use to communicate? How do we attract the audience that doesn’t yet know how much they love you?

Also, we believe, because of the volatile and evolving nature of search and discovery, that it is far more important to teach you how to fish, than merely sell you a fish. We will help you to sow the seeds and how to tend to the tree, but your growth and development and relationship with your audience will be something that you maintain and nurture in the most effective way after we teach you our optimized methods.

Phase One – Laying the Foundation

The blog is the modern way to publish and broadcast your new resource-rich company. What’s more, it has no hard cost. It is easy to modify, builds an archive (which becomes an ever-expanding and evergreen self-promotion fountain) and builds loyalty. We will also identify concepts, keywords and the tone of conversation as best applies your company’s product and message and use this not only for metadata but for identifying and targeting the online audience you seek.

Phase Two – Building the Social Network / Search Engine Presence

Many companies use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, StumbleUpon, Technorati and Reddit to market their wares, but too few understand the dynamics of these desired networks. Familiarity with the particular dynamics of each of these destinations is critical to not only maximizing their potential for attracting new clients, but also preventing missteps that could alienate their citizens and work against the company image.

Phase Three – Tuning Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Targeting, LSI, Social Networking, Brand Building, Building the Community and Conversation, Mailing List, Customer Database

Like any well-planned business, success does not come overnight, but rather through consistent, thoughtful and effective strategies that build customer loyalty. It is a well known fact that the first 500 subscribers to your blog or newsletter are the hardest to attain. After that the exponential returns begin to make the going a lot easier.

We will continue to work with your brand and its presence online to build repeat customers who will spread the word about your services for you. In this phase we build trackbacks, research the ideal keyword phrases for Latent Semantic Indexing, linkbacks, community and methods for encouraging user participation in and with your content with the goal of spreading targeted attention to the right people through word of mouth. Using Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) we measure the success of our transmedia extrapolation strategies. There is no magic bullet, but there are methods that when implemented correctly, feel like magic.

If you want to take your company to the next level marketing to a global audience, contact CCMG to discuss an SEO and online marketing strategy.