Client Testimonials for Virtual Reality & Immersive Media Services

  • “Keram leverages his in-depth expertise and exhaustive international industry network in VR/AR, to achieve exceptional results. The FIVARS festival and the VRTO conference he created are now internationally renown. Thanks to Keram, many VR/AR business opportunities and creative endeavours have been triggered. I can’t wait to see what he’ll accomplish in the future!”
    Lucie Lalumiere, Founder and Principal, Lalumiere Media
  • “If you have the opportunity to partner with Keram and his team you will not be disappointed.”
    Stephanie Greenall, Tech Writer, WetHauteTech
  • “Keram is one of those rare experts who are passionate, smart and social. Keram knows how to speak with CEO’s and technologist and his uncanny ability to see future trends gives anyone who works with him the distinct advantage of being future-proof.”
    Alan Smithson, CEO, MetaVRse

Client Testimonials for CCMG’s New Media Consultation Services:

  • “Not only was there a significant rise in my rankings on Alexa and search engines after working with Keram, but he also taught me a great deal about SEO and my website along the way.”
    Elise Ballard, Author “Epiphany” (Random House), EpiphanyChannel.com
  • “Thank you Keram for all your help launching AuralSexErotica.com for my new book. My website looks fantastic and I’ve been getting great feedback! You were very patient while explaining the different factors for SEO and teaching me how to use google adwords and different tools to help promote my site. Thanks to your extensive knowledge and expertise with SEO my site has great visibility in searches and it looks beautiful!”
    Jennifer Lieberman, Author “AURAL SEX: Naughty Notes for Lovers” AuralSexErotica.com
  • “It’s a pretty awesome experience working with Keram/Constant Change Productions. My name is Lisa, I make tactile picture books. I have used his website services for two past projects, both which received extraordinary worldwide media attention. Not to mention, both web pages had to be fully accessible for blind and vision impaired persons to navigate and purchase my product. He (we) created a simple, yet sophisticated site that my (blind) proofreaders approved.

    Keram’s advice is golden. He made me ‘own’ my page by explaining the workings of it, emailing me useful hints about web page tools and SEO, and encouraging me to do small tweaks myself. And if I ever had a question/problem, he was never too far away to answer my call or respond to my email. I live in Toronto, he in L.A., and we would establish times to work on smaller items on my site together; both logged on to my page while speaking on the phone.

    (Even though the Canadian dollar is shit) I’m so looking forward to working with Keram this spring on a website for my new project.”
    Lisa J. Murphy, Author “Tactile Mind,” TactileMindBook.com

  • “We have been very pleased with the results of CCMG’s efforts in helping us expand the dynamism and reach of our online presence by implementing social networking strategies, an optimized blog, and expanding our customer base into new niche market segments in a way that connects with today’s customer.”
    Joel Newman, PresidentTurnkeyHD
  • “Constant Change Media has transformed a reputable established traditional law firm into a dynamic, on-line presence which attracts a more diverse range of clients of all ages and backgrounds and clearly explains its ability to address a wide variety of legal needs.”
    Marek Malicki, LLBMalicki Sanchez Law Firm
  • “Keram and CCMG helped me expand my knitting and designing skills for fashion in a different light. I have created a knitwear business online and have expanded my social networking with other crafters within the Etsy community. His knowledge and expertise has encouraged TLK Knit n Sew to form and grow as an online business.”
    Tina Kudlick, PresidentTLK Knit n Sew

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